Cooling Tower Cleaning

We offer two ways to clean a cooling tower/chiller. The first being a mechanical cleaning and the second being a chemical cleaning. [More Info]

HVAC / Ductwork Cleaning

Clean ductwork is the first step in removing airborne contaminants and allergens out of the air you breathe. Commercial duct cleaning also improves airflow, allowing your facility’s HVAC system to run more efficiently, and help reduce the risk of fire in HVAC Systems. [More Info]

Dust Collectors

The knowledge of potential sources to fuel fires in every dust collector system allow us to prevent disasters with our experienced technicians who know how to keep your dust collection system clean. [More Info]

Exhaust Systems

Every facility has a different use for an exhaust system. Whether your facility is an office building, production plant, hospital or restaurant, you all have some type of exhaust system to maintain proper functionality within the building. [More Info]

Food Processing Equipment Cleaning

From dry food production facilities to commercial food processors, Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. can handle any sanitation problem you may have. [More Info]

Grease Traps

As part of a restaurant’s sanitary sewer system, grease traps prevent heavy grease from entering and clogging the municipal collection system. [More Info]

Industrial Ovens

Ovens are commonly the big problem of an industrial setting. Whether it is used for baking food products, drying wet surfaces, or hardening coatings; the industrial oven faithfully puts in long hours and delivers finished products day and night. [More Info]

Overhead Cleaning

Over time dust and debris from manufacturing operations collect on overhead pipes, ductwork, light fixtures, structural steel, ceiling plenums, etc. [More Info]

Silo Flour Cleaning & Sanitizing Wet And Dry Cleaning

For over 20 year, Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. has been the industry leader in providing safe, reliable cost-effective service for silo/bin, tanks, and bulks cleaning industry. [More Info]

Silo Blasting & Coating

Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. is highly skilled in determining the media blasting solution that will work for you specific application and provide these services for any project, large or small. [More Info]

Stainless Steel Polishing & Grinding Abrasive

The process is to do grinding first. Polishing second, and buffing third. [More Info]

Silo Cleaning

Silo cleaning is a process to maximize the efficiency of storage silos that hold bulk powders or granules. [More Info]


Beacon industrial cleaning Inc. Protocols and recently implemented covid-19 protocols and company awareness of the recent FDA and CDC’s statements regarding additional measures for food production plants. [More Info]