Silo Flour Cleaning & Sanitizing Wet And Dry Cleaning

Silo Flour Cleaning & Sanitizing Wet And Dry Cleaning

For over 20 year, Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. has been the industry leader in providing safe, reliable cost-effective service for silo/bin, tanks, and bulks cleaning industry.

Our silo cleaning crews have the tools, training, expertise and experience required for a safe, productive cleaning of any silo, bulks, tanks and bins. Each technician is trained in confined spaces while being held responsible and accountable for safe work environments in addition to our 35-point’s safety, operation and maintenance checklist.

Silo Cleaning

Silo cleaning is a process to maximize the efficiency of storage silos that hold bulk powders or granules. In silos, material is fed through the top and removed from the bottom. Typical silo applications include animal feed, flour in the bakery industry, and pharmaceuticals.

Free movement of stored materials, on a first-in, first-out basis, is essential in maximizing silo efficiency. The goal of silo efficiency is to ensure that oldest material is used first and does not contaminate newer, fresher material. Two main problems, rat holing and bridging, complicate silo efficiency. When rat holing occurs, powders adhere to the sides of silos. Bridging occurs when material blocks at the silo base and also when stick in the walls the flour will bring bugs infestation to your new flour.

Before Silo Cleaning
After Silo Cleaning