Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

Beacon Industrial cleaning Inc. understands the importance to have an exhaust system and why you need to keep it clean.

Why Do I Have an Exhaust System?

Every facility has a different use for an exhaust system. Whether your facility is an office building, production plant, hospital or restaurant, you all have some type of exhaust system to maintain proper functionality within the building.
Exhaust systems are installed to remove air, harmful fumes, or a substance from the facility to keep the building under the correct balance and to provide a healthy environment to work in.

There are Many Different Types of Exhaust Systems.

  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems – removes grease accumulation and smoke from the kitchen area to avoid risk of a fire hazard.
  • Laundry Exhaust Systems - removes dryer lint away from the heat source to reduce the risk of a fire hazard.
  • Toilet Exhaust Systems - removes harmful fumes and odors from the bathroom. A clean toilet exhaust system will ensure a comfortable climate within an enclosed area.
  • General Exhaust Systems - removes general air from the area to maintain the balance and pressure within your facility.
  • Paint Booth Exhaust Systems - removes harmful and flammable fumes and residue from the painting area to reduce risk of a fire hazard and keep the employees from inhaling toxic fumes.
  • Weld Exhaust Systems - removes heat, debris and sparks from the welding area to avoid the risk of fire.
  • Industrial Oven Exhaust Systems - removes heat, smoke, and grease/oil accumulation from the oven to ensure proper manufacturing and to avoid the risk of a fire hazard.

There are many other types of exhaust systems found within facilities. Which types of exhaust systems are currently running dirty in yours?

Why Clean My Exhaust Systems?

Fire Prevention

  • Main reason is to prevent a fire from starting within the ductwork or spreading through the ductwork.
  • If there is little grease or lint build-up, there will be little to burn.

Cost Reduction

  • The fan assembly is the “heart” of the exhaust system.
  • Must be cleaned to reduce the number of service calls to replace burned out motors, unbalanced fan wheels, and worn out shafts and bearings.


  • Harmful fumes should be exhausted out of the building to prevent workers from inhaling toxic fumes. A clean system exhausts more effectively.

No matter what type of exhaust system you have in your facility, let the professionals from Beacon industrial cleaning Inc. clean it to make your systems run more efficiently and effectively. Your safety, health, and budgets depend on it.

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