Food Processing Equipment Cleaning

Food Processing Equipment Cleaning

With 30 years of experience in the food manufacturing industry, Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. understands all SQF and HACCP requirements and meet all training requirements of OSHA standard.

Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. will supply a trained workforce with SQF (Safe Quality Food), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and proper use of SSOP's (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures.)

Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. cleaning associates receive regular, updated training on proven methods for meat and poultry plant cleaning and sanitation.

From dry food production facilities to commercial food processors, Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. can handle any sanitation problem you may have.

Many food companies have very similar equipment including: packaging, ovens, conveyors, meat grinders, slicers and stuffers. This equipment tends to be high tech with computer controlled processes which must be cleaned carefully without creating wet or dusty environments.

Most food manufacturers who do their own cleaning schedule this cleaning on overtime, paying much more money than using our dedicated, experienced, and professional technicians from Beacon Industrial Cleaning on a contract basis.

Dry Food Production Line Cleaning

Effective cleaning of equipment in the food manufacturing process reduces the opportunity of contamination of the food being handled. Proper cleaning minimizes cross contamination, increases machinery life, and provides an expectation of acceptable cleaning standards.

Meat and Poultry Production Line Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitation can be considered as one of the most important activities in the meat and poultry plant. As these measures provide the necessary environment for proper meat handling and processing, Beacon Industrial Cleaning Inc. will supply a trained workforce with the proper training in the SSOP's (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures.)

Commercial Food Cleaning Services

Beacon Industrial cleaning Inc. is a trusted provider of contracted sanitation services for various commercial manufacturing and food processing companies. We provide cleaning solutions for small food manufacturers that do not have a sanitation staff to provide all the necessary cleaning and documentation required by law. Beacon can provide service on very short notice at competitive rates. Beacon crews operate as self-directed providers of small specific projects to entire facility cleaning. In many cases, we can provide savings opportunities through efficient use of trained labor and expensive cleaning materials.